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We offer every line of recombinant vaccines available. These vaccines are engineered in a way to improve both safety and efficacy, with virtually no chance of causing illness. You can feel confident you’ll receive the best products & services at Peachtree Animal Clinic!



Adult Package Features



Rabies | 1 Year
Physical Exam
Internal Parasite Screening
Heartworm Test


More Products & Services


prices may vary based on condition of pet

 Female Cat Spay $95  Dental $149
 Male Cat Neuter $65  Extractions price will vary
 Female Dog Spay  $125  Pre-op Bloodwork $50
 Male Dog Neuter  $110  IV Catheter & Fluids $45
 Microchip  $35 ALL pets 5 years+ require pre-op bloodwork and IV catheter with fluids