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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


Do you provide special pricing for animal rescues and other non-profit organizations?

Yes we do! In an effort to assist those organizations that are designed to save suffering/abandoned animals, we offer discounted prices. When rescues and shelters are able to receive vetting services at a lower cost, it naturally will help to facilitate more rescues! Contact us today for further questions regarding our discounted pricing:

What is included with the spay/neuter treatments?

With every spay/neuter that we perform, we utilize only the most state-of-the-art treatments and tools which produce the most effective results. Every animal also receives pain medication and needed antibiotics.  Our goal is to ensure the overall comfort and speedy recovery of every animal that we treat.

Do you provide reminders for preventative care?

If you would like to receive regular reminders for scheduling preventative care for your pet, we can email, text, or call you.

How are you able to offer your treatments and services at such a low cost?

We believe at Peachtree Animal Clinic that all pet owners should be able to afford their animal’s health care.  While many options available on the market are highly overpriced, we have chosen to reduce our margins in order to ensure that the pet owner is benefited. When the pet owner can afford quality preventative care, they typically will treat their pets more often. “It’s an all-around win/win!”